Energy Industry Knowledge Training

Excidian’s Energy Industry Knowledge program is designed to provide new and veteran personnel with informative and comprehensive courses on the electric and natural gas industries.
There are three courses on electricity:

Electric Industry Issues
Manufacturing and Delivery of Electric Energy
How a Utility Makes Money

These one-day courses will help you sort through the changes occurring in the industry and put them in perspective so that you can interpret the implications for your company and understand the “big picture”.

Additionally, you will gain a basic understanding of the operation and economics of the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

You will leave these courses with a broader knowledge of the industry and an updated perspective that you can immediately apply to your job. You will be able to explain the business challenges faced by your employer as the industry struggles to find a workable structure somewhere between fully regulated and fully competitive markets.

There is also a course on Natural Gas:
Natural Gas Industry Issues

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