Natural Gas Industry Issues

This one-day course provides new and veteran employees with an informative and comprehensive overview of the Natural Gas Industry. Participants from all departments will gain a broad understanding of the issues and economics of the industry. Employees will gain perspective on strategic decisions being made by their company, understand the significance of current events affecting the industry, and have an opportunity to obtain answers to their industry-related questions.

The course is comprised of four topic areas:

  1. Introduction and Overview of the Natural Gas Industry
    • What are the properties of gas? / How is it measured? / What is heating value? / Why is natural gas considered a safe fuel? / What happens during and after combustion?
    • What are the characteristics and geography of the Global and North American Gas Markets?
  2. Exploration and Production
    • How does a company decide where to look for natural gas?
    • How do land and mineral rights affect the exploration process and how is it different offshore?
    • What’s involved in the drilling process?
    • What happens to natural gas once it comes out of the ground and before it goes into the transmission pipeline?
  3. Transmission & Distribution
    • How is natural gas transported from production point to the City Gate?
    • How are transmission pipelines constructed and maintained?
    • What is the City Gate?
    • What value-adding actions does the LDC complete before delivery to customers?
  4. Deregulation
    • How gas companies were originally regulated?
    • How did the Federal Government deregulate the industry from 1978 to the present and how does this compare to deregulation of the electric industry?
    • How does that deregulation effort impact the market today?

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