Generation and Delivery of Electric Energy

This one-day course provides knowledge on the basic production and economics of power generation as well as the transmission and distribution of it. It focuses on describing how we get from various fuel sources to the kWh output at the generator, through the transmission and distribution system to the final stop, the customer. Terms and concepts are taught using a combination of lecture and large group discussions that use block diagrams as well as digital images of components. Participants are encouraged to bring plenty of questions with them for the large group discussions.

You will learn how energy is generated from various fuel sources. Ranges of fuel cost, O&M costs, carrying costs and bus bar costs are developed and explained for each type of power plant enabling the participant to better understand the economics behind competition in power generation.

The course also includes discussions on the function of the various components of the transmission and distribution systems. If time permits, the class also covers the basic operations of co-generation plants, fuel cells, and microturbines.

This course will enhance an individual’s understanding of the operation of generation, transmission and distribution; and the economics and challenges moving forward in today’s environment.

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