Reinforcement Training

Students leave Excidian courses with a set of reference tools, including a workbook, glossary of terms, and answers to exercises, activities and blank slides. This material will help them in applying the course concepts to current and future work projects.

To further assist students in applying course concepts, once they have returned to their job, Excidian has an array of follow-up, reinforcement training products and services including:

  1. Weekly emails
  2. 30 minutes free consulting
  3. Exercises and case studies

Weekly Q&A emails – We’ve all heard the saying, “If you don’t use it. You lose it.” These training reinforcement emails are designed to keep the course content in front of students after they graduate. There are 18 Business Finance emails and 72 Energy Industry Knowledge emails. In these emails, course topics are reviewed and new concepts are presented. Students must give Excidian permission to send them and can opt out of the distribution at any time. There is no additional charge for this service.

30 minutes free consulting – All graduates of Excidian’s business finance courses can schedule 30 minutes of free consulting time to help apply the teaching concepts to his / her job tasks. Our clients receive a return on their training investment when course graduates return to the job and apply their financial knowledge and skill to improve something — profitability, efficiency, capital allocation, improved cash flow, etc. Our focus is on application.

Exercises and case studies – Excidian has produced exercises and case studies for clients after business finance training is completed. This reinforcement training can be delivered by an Excidian facilitator or by manager employees of the client. Managers will typically use these exercises in short meetings or “lunch n’ learn” sessions with their staff to maintain or upgrade financial skill levels and to apply the course content to company-specific projects or issues. When used in this manner, Excidian delivers facilitator instructions, PowerPoint slides, exercise handouts and exercise answers.


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